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Mariachi Mexico

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Much more than just a performance, Mariachi Mexico's show is jam packed with:
•Fun, interactive audience participation (your guests will not only listen to a great show but take part in it as well)
•Colorful & Authentic costuming (these really bring the spirit of Mexico alive on your stage)
•Diverse & traditional instruments (including Guitarron, Accordion, Bajo Sexto, Trumpet and Guitar)
•Exciting & Romantic music (many of our songs are internationally famous)
•Humor (because laughter creates fun and makes it memorable)
•Multi-cultural awareness (when your guests leave they will have a new understanding and deep appreciation for Mexican music and culture)
Mariachi Mexico can be featured in the following ways:
•As a main stage act
•They can stroll around in the Mariachi tradition
•They can perform an educational show

“Your performance even made my father cry when he heard his favorite Mexican song at my wedding. For days now, my friends and family have been going on and on about how great the band was!”
~Deane Sienega

“Our guests were thrilled with Mariachi Mexico's presentation. Your group possesses the rare ability to entertain and create the perfect environment for people from all walks of life. ~Jason Tyler
Westin Hotel
Food & Beverage Director

“I've received nothing but great feedback regarding Mariachi Mexico's recent show at our resort. You totally entertained, managed and presented our guests with one of the finest music shows I've ever seen. I'm recommending you to everyone!” ~Tina Maier
Trilogy Resort
Cascade Club Director
“Your show was tremendous. The audience loved it and we've received nothing but positive comments about how entertaining and fun you were. Can't wait to bring you back again!” ~DeNae McGee

Arts Commission
City of Enumclaw, Washington