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Jennifer James is a cultural anthropologist who specializes in adaptive strategies and change. She answers the question of where we are as a culture (business, education, heath care) and where we are going. Her lectures are exciting, informative, unique and humorous.

"Fabulous! That's the word that comes to mind when I think of your keynote address delivered at our 2002 Executive Leadership Summit in Washington, DC. Thank you for bringing your innovative ideas, common sense philosophy and personal touch to our leadership. You left us so energized and inspired."
Renee Carey, Director
Girl Scouts of the USA

Jennifer is well known to audiences around the world for her innovative ideas. She works on an international level, helping people meet the challenges of today's transitions. Her ability to synthesize the chaos of our current adaptation process is extraordinary. Once you have heard Jennifer describe the technological, economic, demographic and cultural transformations of this era your mind clears. Dr. James' ability to provide an understanding of the present and the future is essential to thoughtful decision-making in education, healthcare and organizational management.

"I wanted to thank you and commend you on the wonderful talk. It was inspiring in it's range and depth."
Dr Albert R. Cohen

"Thanks to you, our administrators were provoked into giving serious thought to issues involving 'cultural change', and you did this within a context and environment where humor and laughter prevailed.'
Marilyn Mitchell, Kaiser Permanente

Jennifer is also the director of the Community Service Committee which helps individuals contribute to their community. She is the founder of the Committee for Children, a group devoted to the prevention of the physical and sexual abuse of children.

"Many thanks for your incredible contribution to New Century, New Church. Your challenges, your questions and the authentic manner in which you presented them were just what was needed."
Greg Lignon
Leadership Network

"This is a time when we are hungry to know more. Our stomachs are full and we wonder if our souls are empty. We hope for truth, we long for wisdom. When we can understand the most basic processes by which homo sapiens adapts something in us relaxes and we begin to stretch our imagination as well as our spirit."

"Civilization is ultimately the long process of learning to be kind. Take good care of yourself so you can take care of the rest of us."
Jennifer James, Ph.D.