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Sal Polcino Trio

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Sal Polcino Jazz Trio - For the best in jazz standards and straight-ahead jazz. With a traditional upright bass, drums and Sal on Guitar. Check-out the song clips under audio.

Sal Polcino Jazz Ensemble - From straight-ahead to contemporary and fusion. Sal's electrical group takes jazz standards and adds a modern element and adds players to compliment the sound.

Guitarist Sal Polcino played with Tower of Power Rhythm Section and other bands with T.O.P. bassist Rocco Prestia, as well as with other great SoCal sidemen. He has written songs for Rocco and long-time T.O.P guitarist Bruce Conte, which were recorded and released on their solo projects. Sal is currently playing with the Jazz Punks.

Acoustic Bass player Mike Polcino is a ten year veteran of the Santa Monica Symphony and has played around the LA area with local jazz cats as well as an experimental stint with Angelo of Fishbone and a short tour opening for Ice-T in the late 90's. He brings to Jazz Punks a unique grasp of both the classical and contemporary. Mike is also a director on the animated series "The Simpsons" and CEO of Theory FX. Mike is currently playing with the Jazz Punks.

Drummer Alan Hanslik grew up in Cleveland playing jazz and toured with 'Jon Washington' traveling the US. He has been playing in the LA scene for over 20 years. He has recorded and performed with the L.A. Rhythm Section and various jazz be-bop groups. He has lead his own contemporary jazz groups playing up and down the CA coast.