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El Javi

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Hailing from Mexico City, with a background in electric rock, jazz and blues, his primary influences are much more contemporary and new world than the classical roots of Spanish guitar, yet El Javi effortlessly transplants moods, modes and motifs into a sonic panorama of cultures and continents.

El Javi plays a mix of flamenco/classical/latin and arrangements of popular cover songs on the acoustic guitar. It's all instrumental, bringing a great atmosphere of elegance and sophistication to any event.

El Javi has experience playing for festivals, weddings, private parties, corporate events, wine tastings, grand openings, art exhibitions, etc.

Javier is a talented and versatile performer. We are very particular in who we hire for our events. He has performed at both our daughters' weddings, Law Office Christmas parties, fundraising events, and dinner parties. He is truly professional and easy to work with. Our guests are always impressed. We highly recommend Javier. "

-Carrol & R. Rex Parris

As an Event Coordinator, I work with numerous vendors, and I always enjoy when Javier is part of an event tem. Not only does he has tremendous musical talent, but is always punctual in returning phone calls, personable with clients and other vendors, and offers assistance beyond contractual obligations. His personality and talent are a must at any party.

-Melissa Shcyler

"Javier ardently plays the guitar and is truly outstanding. He helped make my daughter's graduation party a huge success. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to Javier's superlative guitar compositions and continued talking about how great he was for days. Even non-invited guests were drawn to the music. I look forward to Javier's supreme playing at future gatherings because he delights all the guests [young and old]."

-Barbara Batugo

"Javier truly helped us achieve a perfect atmosphere of love and romance on our wedding day. Not only did he give a flawless performance - but he also personally arranged two special ceremony songs chosen by mu husband and I. In addition to being an impeccable musician, Javier is completely dependable and extremely professional."

Melissa Mercy

"In April we had a wedding on the beach in Malibu, and Javier played for our ceremony on the beach as well as our reception dinner following the wedding. We were very pleased with his performance- he was a very large contributer to the romantic ambiance we were looking for, and achieved, on our special day. Not only was the ambiance incredibly romantic, the music prompted people to get up and dance. We continue to receive compliments from our guests that attended the wedding on Javier's performances. "

-John and Elizabeth Hoffman

"Javier really made my wedding special and romantic, made the atmosphere feel warm and inviting with his talented skills, making every song feel as it was made just for us. Everyone from young to old enjoyed his playing. I would definitely hire him to play a t my next event. "

-Cindy Rodriguez