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A Featured 3 Star Act!

RACHICHI is making a mark on the jazz scene. From Portland Oregon, this quartet has an original jazz sound. Latin rhythms are infused throughout the music where Roger Espinor's original compositions get the toe tapping and the feet moving. Some call it Neo-Indie…some call it Jazz-Pop.

The is made up of Debby Espinor playing the keys, Max Kutzman on bass, Roger Espinor on drums and percussion and Eran Schweitzer on guitar. This quartet is non-traditional in its approach to jazz. All four musicians share equal limelight in the variety of songs and styles. This unusual has an amazing amount of fun playing jazz that edges lush pop, blues, and cinema. Made up of both jazz and blues players. Lively and fun, sultry and inventive. a new progressive style with old favorites and original inventions. They call it Jazz, but 'lush jazz', with a great blues feel, too, from a former member of the blues band, Rose City Kings, and one member from the local Seattle blues band, The Love Doctors and newcomers from L.A. and Portland.