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The Randy Linders Band

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The Randy Linder Band is a fun and entertaining group with a big sound. Performing a variety of recognizable classic rock hits is their specialty and it is a perfect fit for parties, festivals and casino cabaret rooms. Randy Linder, Peggy Linder and Phil Barnett performed together through most of the eighties and, beginning in 2005, came back together to recreate the magic. The song list is made up of hits from the following artists:

The Beatles The Rolling Stones Van Morrison The Eagles Bob Seger Creedence Clearwater Revival John Cougar Mellencamp The Animals Lynyrd Skynyrd Bad Company The Doors Jimi Hendrix Steve Miller Band ZZ Top Tom Petty The Kinks Stevie Ray Vaughn Santana Steppenwolf Eric Clapton BTO The Romantics AND MORE