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Heart Love Alive-Tribute 2 Heart

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A Tribute band,"LOVE ALIVE" established itself in 03 when L.A based singer Patricia Morales wanted to pay tribute to one of her biggest musical inspirations and to one of the greatest American Rock N Roll Bands to hit a stage, HEART.

Morales with a vision and mission wanted to produce a band that aimed to bring back the basics of how these giant acts of the 70's like Heart played and grew organically into one of the most exciting rock acts in history. "LOVE ALIVE" wanted to fully re-create Heart during their heyday from the "inside out". Morales knew this was going to take a lot of work and a special key group of people to catch the vision.

This is the perfect formula to capture what Heart was aiming for themselves, as Ann, Nancy, Roger, Howard, Steve and Mike stepped on stage to play. Whether it be Heart songs, Zeppelin tunes or playing Earth Wind and Fire. LOVE ALIVE found that tapping that inner groove separates them from the rest while creating that 1975-85 signature sound as if Heart truly stepped into the new millennium and time warped through LOVE ALIVE.