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From behind the turntables there is one DJ making a lot of noise. Rattling the speakers with hard-pounding beats that keep the fans coming and the dance floors pumping.

Young and Experienced, Dj CoCo motivates the crowd to the fullest with his potential, displaying an immense amount of musical versatility and personality. Able to spin all types of music flawlessly along with his unique style and ability to jam pack dance floors with his following, is it any wonder Dj CoCo has been dubbed THE BEST. Touring all over the Bay, Dropping the beats all night long....

Beginning in 2006, Dj CoCo began his career spinning at local parties throughout the Bay Area. As his career moved forward, other opportunities led and expanded his residencies.

Dj CoCo was intrigued by the influence of music on people and wanted to make a change. This journey led him to begin dj-ing. As time progressed, Dj CoCo started dj-ing all different types of music genres.

"Fast pace, addictive beats that are on the cutting edge of tomorrow's sound," is one of the many ways to describe the sounds of DJ CoCo. Constantly remaining one step ahead of the trends, DJ CoCo's unique sounds have earned him the name of 'The Crowd Mover' In a market oversaturated with DJ's, DJ CoCo outshines the sounds of others and captivates his audience every time he steps up to the tables, keeping the dance floor packed from start to finish. With his clever ability to mix new sounds with old favorites, he unites himself with the audience, no matter how large or small.

Since working with Super Star Status Entertainment and many others, DJ CoCo has branched off and worked with a number of musical talents across the spectrum of sound. Today, DJ CoCo has been moving up and expanding more than ever. Dj-ing such events as Weddings, Quinceaneras, Baptisms, Sporting Events, School Events, Fundraisers, Fashion Shows, College Events, Clubs and just recently 1000 plus capacity events. Since the beginning of his career in music, Dj CoCo has only begun transforming his dreams into reality. He has raised the bar in all over California in the dance music and Hip Hop scene. By uniting all walks of life through the commonality of music, he's been able to contribute his expertise and unique sound to create a quality of beats unlike that of anyone else in the industry.

Dj Coco has brought a new kind of flavor to club music never experienced. Featuring original mashups and remixes bringing his party skills every week across San Francisco all the way to Sacramento.

Dj CoCo, has made quite the respectable name for himself in the music business. He has grown into a successful Dj/Promoter. Dj CoCo knows what it takes to make it to the top, and by securing his place as one of the top DJ's, he has certainly proved this. For 8 years, DJ CoCo has shared his music, energy and style to music lovers.

Dj CoCo’s talent is music. His passion is sharing it with others in any way he can. Be it filling the dance floor mixing tracks, using his own productions or bringing other performers together to put on an amazing event, he never disappoints. His unique and style of music mixed with his eye popping stage performance has made him a favorite for years. His experience and drive will keep

him around for many more. DJ CoCo mixes have a great flavor of top 40, club, Hip-Hop and electro with a tasteful splash of house.

Received Award and Voted Best DJ 2011
Top 10 Latin Grammy Djs
Top 5 Dj Competition for Bay Area
1st Place in Battle of The DJ’s