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Eric Haines Motivational Speaker - A Parody

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Fake Motivational Speaking

Eric Haines has as much fun poking fun at motivational speaking as he does using humor to drive home a truly motivational message.

“I've watched thousands of motivational speakers,” says Haines, “and I'm the only one that uses both sarcasm and lies.”

The show is structured to be appropriate to each audience, and emphasizes the concepts of trying new things without fear, creative problem solving and the rewards of constant practice. Is it really motivational? You decide.

Key points are driven home by Eric's remarkable abilities as a comedian, singer, guitarist, banjo player, marionette puppeteer, unicyclist, and juggler. Volunteers help on stage throughout the act, including a trust exercise (knife juggling, which also emphasizes safety,) and team building (Six foot unicycle.) All of the acts are comedy based.

As part of the message, Eric cites examples like Casey Boemer, who won an international juggling competition Eric attended in 1996. All the top finishers juggled 5 clubs, including Casey, who won despite the fact that he has only one arm. Haines uses several other examples of people with apparent handicaps who achieve beyond what is expected of people without disabilities, becoming benchmarks in their field. Among them are jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, (two fingers on his left hand.) Beethoven, (deaf composer) comedian Josh Blue (comedian with cerebral palsy, who Haines knows personally), and Mark Inglis, the first double amputee to scale mount Everest.

Eric notes that if any of these had been afraid to try because of their limitations, they would not have found creative ways around personal obstacles. All of them practiced their crafts until they exceeded their peers through determination and practice.

Using comedy to scrape the rust off concepts like customer service and salesmanship, while simultaneously showcasing a wide variety of talents, Haines makes it a natural fit to have a motivational message mixed in with craziness. Dear Eric,
Thank you so much for acting as our Keynote Speaker for our fourth annual Transition Conference held on Thursday, March 29, 2007 at Grays Harbor College Aberdeen, Washington. The Transition students & staff plus the members of the Transition Council enjoyed your presentation very much. When I saw the students almost falling off their chairs with laughter I knew that you were a hit. The students and the teachers raved about your show for days after the conference! Your act was very appropriate for the students and the way you gave them encouragement as you did in your act was fitting.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Thank you! Sincerely, Patti Lignoski, DD Program Specialist, Grays Harbor County Public Health and Social Services Department & Representative of Grays Harbor Transition Council