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So. when was the last time you were awe-struck?

PyroDiva's amazing fire performances add a touch of beauty and grace to special occasions. She blends the mesmerizing beauty of liquid-gold fire trails with dance, martial arts, and exotic props.

PyroDiva's fire or light dances add a spectacular highlight to special occasions.

LED Glow Light Dance Shows are a thrilling high-impact option to light up special events where fire's not permitted. Whether it's a fire-or a brilliant light-dance performance, impressed guests speak of PyroDiva's stunning shows for years after an event.

PyroDiva performed for over 3 years alongside Cirque du Soleil's chief fire performer / choreographer. She has delighted guests with her grace and skill at events ranging from intimate family gatherings, to weddings, New Years Eve extravaganzas, and corporate events, such as the launch of the Blackberry Pearl. She was in the headlining act at the First San Francisco FIre Arts Festival, which showcased premier performers in this emerging art form.

Whether performing solo, or with a select group from her network of performers, PyroDiva's enchanting shows always leave guests with the feeling that they just witnessed something very, very special.