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France Jean-Baptiste & The Sexy Menz

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For over 15 years this multi-talented native Chicagoan has been involved in the entertainment industry. France Jean-Baptiste is an accomplished singer and actress. Her Haitian French heritage and life experiences infuse her music and stage presence with unparalleled feeling, body and soul. Her voice has been described as a diamond in the rough. She brings a big, rich energetic sound that audiences really respond to. Delivering every song with passion, you feel the emotion in every song.

Starting her career with musical theatre, she was told by a stage manager that she sounded very much like Etta James. Shortly after, she took a break from theatre and began working with a pianist and working the local piano bars for several years. She performed covers from every genre, covering especially 70's pop/rock and, of course, blues. She eventually ended up working with the Screaming Bluedogs and touring regionally for a short while covering the blues and original tunes.

As a seasoned performer with ten years experience in Chicago arts, France Jean-Baptiste is ready for exposure to a wider audience. She wants to share her life with her audience through her music. Wants you to feel things you never felt before. Feel alive. Feel a change. And want to come back for more.

France Jean-Baptiste although a great balladeer and stylist with smooth, jazzy soulful vocals as careesing as silk. She is also a powerhouse combination of Etta James, Koko Taylor & Big Time Sarah and you can feel the pain and energy in her voice.