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Frank King
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A Featured 3 Star Act!

Choosing the right comedian may not make you a hero, but choosing the wrong one, can get you fired!

Featured on CNN's Business Unusual, and having written for Jay Leno for the last two decades, Frank King is a corporate comedian, and emcee, whose comedy is clean, clever, and customized to your attendees, as well as, to the goals and vision of your event.

He will make the entire speaker selection committee look good. And more importantly, keep you from having to look for another job.

Why book Frank King? He will be the talk of your event, whether he's:
•Roasting the high and mighty in a fun and gentle manner
•Delivering his hilarious 3 Little Words, Laugh Out Loud keynote speech
•Acting as a comic master of ceremonies keeping the event fun, moving, and on time
•Posing as a corporate imposter, sounding like he knows exactly what he's talking about, but of course, has no earthly idea
•Serving as a humorous host and MC, from the opening general session to the final meal, handling all the housekeeping announcements, speaker introductions and regaling the attendees with a funny take on things he's observed while hanging out with them
•Raising money at your live auction, as your Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (in English or Spanish, or both)
•Or doing one of his other 3 Little Word speeches, with a message, Beating Burnout Blues, Nobody Dies Laughing, or Honey I'm Home! (Click on the Other Programs tab, for info on these presentations)
•Or, all of the above

Comedian Frank King is a talented, successful comedian, political impersonator, and emcee whose clean jokes and humor make him popular for corporate and convention entertainment. Frank King is available to do professional, customized clean corporate comedy and corporate emceeing at company parties, corporate events and private parties throughout the country.