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NoWay Jose
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NoWay Jose is real. NoWay Jose is who has evolved after 21 years in America. Brought to the USA from Mexico City in 1989, Jose was part of the most under represented segement of society: illegal immigrants. From the age of three to twenty two, Jose lived his most formative years as an outcast of society. Always terrified of being found out, yet just trying to live a normal life. Jose has now obtained his "papers" and is now unleashing his unforgettable journey on those fortunate enough to be born in the greatest country on earth. From learning of his "status" as a kid, to getting a four year full ride to Lewis University, to his marrage. You have a once in a lifetime oppotunity to witness the kind of stand up comedy that proves once and for all that The United States of America is STILL the greatest place on earth. For NoWay Jose breaking even is a miracle in itself.