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Holly Beavon As Madonna
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Holly Beavon is one of Hollywood's top choices for Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham from Austin Powers films) celebrity look-a-like television appearances and film roles, and entertains audiences large and small around the world as a performer and event host. A critically acclaimed professional, she is a performance and vocal artist focused on in-depth recreation of the character and detailed historically accurate costuming and make-up. Her presentation is so encompassing, clubs have had to assign special security to control fans caught in the magic of her illusion. Holly's dedicated troupe of dancers and customized sound tracks are available for shows from 15 minutes to one hour in length. She has a Madonna, Michael Jackson & Elvis show called Rockin' Royalty Live. She can tailor a show to suit your event. Please contact for more detailed information and visit her website for photos, video, and more! Cheers!