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Chet Sisk
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Chet W. Sisk is an author, educator, humanitarian and world thought leader in Sustainable Society Leadership development. His books chart a way of how everyone can develop a powerful and sustainable vision for their company, their family and themselves. At the World Assembly of Youth conference In Malaysia, Chet introduced the idea of making women's rights world wide as part of the Green Movement so that we see women as “our most precious natural resources”. In Europe at the OAVM conference, Chet introduced the idea of Partnership Empowerment with emerging countries as a more cost effective way of doing business. In South Africa at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, Chet introduced Visionary Leadership as a way students could now start imagining a different way forward for the continent of Africa. And in the United States, Chet is the founder of the “Quality Foods For Everyone” program where he partners with organic foods giant Whole Foods to bring organic foods to homeless shelters as a way to bridge the food divide.

He presents his humorous, dynamic and fact-filled inspirational presentations with one of the most beautiful speaking voices in the world. Chet is part country preacher, part quantum physicist and part stand-up comedian, but all inspirational.