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The Harlequin Hipsters
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The Harlequin Hipsters are the world's ONLY acrobatic, fire spinning, burlesque, blues singing, Hip-Hopping, Commedia dell Arte, partner dance troupe!! We combine the clowning traditions of Italy's Commedia dell Arte with the Varieté feel of America's Vaudeville circuit, the aesthetic and art forms of Nu Circus and the movement of Hip-Hop, Swing, Salsa and other dance forms to present a totally unique fusion of dance unlike anything other groups possess. We: • perform 3-5 minute pieces in a Varieté format • infiltrate environments and events to create long form, evening long improvisational experiences • create works of performance specifically for live shows with bands or otherwise • provide ambiance entertainment for outdoor festivals and parades • dress up sharp for fashionable events and interact with guests in character • teach dance classes at weddings, corporate functions or birthday parties • morph and change to become the top notch entertainment you need for your event!

The Harlequin Hipsters were born out of the aether. Once the entertainers, counselors and madmen of king's courts, they have watched the farces, tragedies and love stories of man since time immemorial. In this era of great change they gravitate towards places in which people seek revelry.

They re-entered the world in the usual way, drawn to each other by the practices of theater, social dance, circus arts and fire. They found commonality through the dream of inspiring and creating beauty; delighting in connection to another without speaking; being strange for the joy and freedom it brings. Gathered now in one city, stripes and spades aplenty once more, we modern court Jesters play with the art of conjuring experiences and opening minds to the wonder of connection.