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CoolDaddyT is a seasoned, all original singer/songwriter/producer as well as vocalist & MUSICIAN (guitar, bass & drums) who has been awarded the Top Sophisticate Model of 2004 award by the FashionRock Ent. Co. in sunny Orlando Florida ,which by the way is a international entertainment competition!

Tyrone A. Newton (CoolDaddyT) has been singing since the tender age of eight in church, school and community choirs.He began his musical journey In his school band & orchestra playing the drums as well as reading drum sheet music. Inspired by his close friend Jon Turk, a child phenom guitarist, from the age of 10 years, Tyrone listened, learned until he developed himself into a accomplished guitarist as well as a extremely solid vocalist.

Cooldaddyt's discography is quite impressive which is to be expected for such a seasoned, multi-talented artist. His 2008 release , I wanna be a Man 2-U Babae, has produced several party favorites from fans as well as being charted in the top 5 (in central NY) in several performig websites!

AdamsApple f/Cooldaddyt is also quite impressive which is being re-assembled also contained byseasoned, multi-talented artist. His 2008 release , I wanna be a Man 2-U Babae and the current release "Havina Party n the Night" contain smooth grooves and soothing ballads combines w/the sharp funky sounds from the dance tracks "I wunder what cha ben doin!~" and "Be there by your side" are party favorites amoung fans and fellow artist alike!

The CoolDaddyT love show is mature and centers on the many different phases of love in relationships!
For your music pleasure alone You must Experience . . . ..COOLDADDYT!!!