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Mikel Estrin
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Mikel Estrin is an accomplished performer, band leader and multi-instrumentalist specialized in ethnic music: Greek, Jewish, Klezmer, Russian, with different bands for each style:

For Jewish music, including Klezmer, Israeli dancing & Eastern European Mikel uses his years of performing in New York & Europe as a basis for knowing how to get the party started with joyous sounds and dance-able beats.

Mikel's group: Haimish Music, is the 2008 & 2010 winner of the coveted J. Reader's Choice 1st place award in the San Francisco East Bay area. Mikel plays solo clarinet, mandolin, flute & keyboards, or is joined by additional instruments including violin, bass, percussion, accordion, sax, oud, and Eastern European & Russian strings & horns. This is not a bar mitzvah band, but is really suitable for beautiful traditional weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and picnics.

The San Francisco Balalaika Ensemble is a group of 3 up to 8 musicians playing classical and traditional Russian songs on authentic instruments including balalaikas, domras, bayan (button accordion) and other Russian & Ukrainian instruments. playing all the traditional favorites as well as rousing dance numbers. Russian dancers are also available. The group performs in Russian tradition costume and is sure to set the ambiance for a beautiful event.

For Rebetika & Dimotika, The Opa Band & Ouzo18 are well recognized Greek duo to quintet including bouzouki, baglama, clarinet, guitar, bass, oud, percussion, organ & vocals. Taverna, another Greek band, performing in the Bay Area since 1986 with Mikel on Klarino, Taverna also features accordion and an eclectic blend of Greek & Gypsy music. Mikel has performed at the Greek music & food festivals all over the Bay Area including Belmont, Brotherhood Way, S.F., Concord & San Jose since the 1980s.

If you like all 3 styles of music, Mikel can put together members of these different bands to play all these styles as well as solemn music for ceremonies or services, and for ballroom dancing to classic standards for waltz, cha cha, bossa nova, mazurka, hora, tango, Zhok, two step & swing.

All in all, for adult parties with an old world charm and inspiring music, get Mikel Estrin as your musical supplier. Mikel provides a personal touch to each event, working closely with the client to provide the right musical accompaniment to the soundtrack of your memories.