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Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators

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Travel back in time to the earliest days of the Jazz Age with Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators.

The Seattle-based trio faithfully recreates the vintage jazz of the early 1920s to the mid '30s -- the era when this original American music provided a playful soundtrack for the flappers who danced the Charleston and sipped illicit booze in the glitzy underworld of the speakeasy.

Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators play well-known popular tunes that have since become part of the great American songbook and dust off forgotten gems from the early jazz era. Audiences delight at the unabashed romance, the playful humor, and the irresistible swing rhythms. Some can't help but dance or sing along.

To fully transport audiences, the band members dress in period clothing, share some of the music's history and run a slideshow of art and photos from the era during performances.

Singer Sunga Rose croons and strums a ukulele while the Percolators -- Carey Rayburn (cornet/flugelhorn/percussion) and Hugh Sutton (piano/accordion) -- keep time and knock out solos. Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators revive for modern times a wonderful sound from a bygone era.

Some past venues include:

NPR's Says You Radio Program
The Sorrento Hotel
Town Hall Seattle
The Juan De Fuca Festival of the Arts
The Virginia V Steamboat
The Columbia City Theatre
The Pink Door
And many more. . .

What a few people are saying about us . . .

"These guys are fabulous, I can't recommend them highly enough!" - Dr. Quinton Morris, Director of Chamber and Instrumental Music at Seattle University

"We're going to follow them around like lemmings. Fun fun fun" - Matterdays blogspot

"Thanks again for helping to make our event a success. We love your music!" - Gina Culbert, WA Lawyers for the Arts