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Michele Lundeen and Paradise
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MICHELE LUNDEEN & PARADISE is a 6-8 pc band that blends elements of Afro-Cuban rhythms, Rock, Latin jazz, Funk and Rhythm & Blues to create an entertaining, unique sound all their own.

The PARADISE sound is fueled by a soul-stirring celebration of life, spirit, brotherhood and diversity. The creation of founder, band leader and timbalero, Patrick Cruz in 1991, his vision was and is to deliver a sound that is uniquely percussion driven and uplifting. Since the bands' beginning, members have revolved and evolved, but the unique fusion of the bands' musical styles and veteran players continues to create a legion of loyal fans. Each show radiates energy and passion that fires up audiences over and over again. Paradise continues its legacy of electrifying performances with dedicated, pro-players and dynamic front woman, Michele Lundeen plus the newest addition of vocalist Wayne Mason, there is no stopping the momentum. LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!