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Maura Mendoza

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World Singer Maura Mendoza has experience performing in the Boston area, New York, and other states in the northeast coast. Originally from Central America, she studied Musical Theater in Mexico City. Her repertoire includes very-much-loved world music with acoustic sound and small jazz ensembles. She has a talented voice to deliver outstanding performances.

"From GAGA to Sinatra - World Music that you Love!" with the Jeremy Quick trio jazz band.
"Voices of a Continent - Songs from Latin America" Acoustic ensemble with Ivan Korn.
Greatest hits from the '80
Greatest hits from the '90
And greatest hits from today!

With a strong musical theater background, shows with Maura and her band are unforgettable!

All hits from Lady Gaga, Shakira, Queen, Evanescence, the glam rock form the eighties, alternative tunes from the '90, jazz standards, pop, you named it! Maura and her band will packed that tune for you and your guest!

We combine talent, performance, and a stress-free professional relationship.
Each client and event is unique, each evening with our music is unforgettable.