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USAU2 - The National U2 Tribute Show!

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USAU2 is the leading Professional National U2 Tribute Show available for medium to large venue, main stage, headliner, corporate, casino, fair, festival, or special events nation wide.

USAU2 is based out of Southern California LA/OC.

USAU2 performs an unbelievably realistic sounding, looking and feeling "U2 Vibe" show. Up to 3 - 1 hour sets are stage ready and currently being performed live nation wide.

The USAU2 Tribute Show is an absolutely fantastic "all ages" based event which appeals to a broader demographic than most other "Tribute" acts and therefore will generally draw and hold a larger audience.

The USAU2 Tribute Show emphasizes and conveys the realistic "U2 vibe" of hope, peace, community, ecology, and oneness which is a message and feeling that is well received by the general community. This message is also non-denominational, non-violent, and non-offensive to the audience.

The U2 music catalog that is performed by USAU2 is generally well known by almost everyone world wide and spans over 30 years of U2 hits that sound just like the real thing. All performed by USAU2 note-for-note as originally recorded by U2 and/or recorded from live U2 shows from around the world.

All cast members of USAU2 are seasoned professionals, each with decades of live performance, 1000's of hours on stage, studio, recording, and touring experience. USAU2 also has a complete set of professional substitute performers for each cast member of USAU2 in the event of accident or sickness to ensure that any booking commitment that is scheduled will be fulfilled.