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Doug Deems
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I perform in two Basic formats as a singer/songwriter using the program name of Doug Deems, White Center Style Blues and as Doug Deems, Frolic-Tunery, which is pop music for all ages, including a program specifically for audiences 70 years old and up. The Frolic-Tunery program draws from the most popular hits of the 20th Century up through the mid-1970s. Presented with an acoustic guitar as simple rhythm & rhyme, this familiar bill is extremely accessible, engaging people and allowing for particpation.

Delighting audiences for over 50 years, I bring a level of expertise that makes for a enjoyable experience at any type of venue. I understand that the individual patron determines "Entertainment" and that it is my job to pay attention, adapt, and deliver.

Having performed for the last four decades from keggers to concert halls, for groups large and small, I am a seasoned professional.

I am pleased to report that I will be a featured performer at this year's Northwest Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center.