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Kurt Szul and West Coast Blues

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Kurt was born into a musical family. At a young age, he started learning piano which became a springboard to other instruments such as trumpet, drums, bass and ultimately guitar. Specializing in jazz at a young age, Kurt found himself touring and competing in various national competitions.

Some of Kurt's accomplishments include forming various bands in big cities such as Tokyo, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Melbourne, and now in Los Angeles. He plays a wide spectrum of styles including jazz, funk, Bossa Nova, Latin, Electronica, rock, blues, and traditional African groove music. Kurt had a regular nightly live slot with a major radio station in Tokyo called InterFM. It showcased Kurt's house band, Irocks, performing with several guest artists/ bands.

Notable players Kurt has performed or recorded with are: Jerome Preston of Maceo Parker (James Brown); Ernest Tibbs of The Alan Holdsworth Group and also of Andy Summers Group (The Police); Thea Austin (Snap); Sue Jin; Michael Daigeau; Mark Shapiro; Miko Espanol; Darwin's Waiting Room; Ash; Ginger (Wild Hearts); Prevail of Swollen Members and many others great players.