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Johannes Steinray
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Johannes's compositions captivates with the genius magic of a musical magician, resonating, not only throughout the vast panorama of the music word, but also infusing with his original style, scores for the extensive film industry as well as theatre and the performing fine arts,

Hailing originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Johannes begins the study of piano at the age of four. His music ideas shaping his early career through many performances at local venues and later at the growing Scandinavian jazz scene. He performs with the legendary bass player, Charlie Haden, touring Copenhagen, Oslo, and the Christianstads Jazz festivals.

Leaving for New York to further pursue his career, Johannes studies at the prestigious “New School of Jazz and Contempory Music”, in Manhattan. Performing at a private party, following a major Broadway production hosted by “Sex and the City's” star, Sarah Jessica Parker, Johannes's talents are well recognized when the renowned Alexandre Proja, of the world celebrated, “New York City Ballet” offers him an opportunity to compose. Johannes makes a major breakthrough in the US music scene scoring a well-received, uniquely beautiful, arrangement.

His riveting reputation as a phenomenal composer and performing artist growing, Johannes is invited to perform at the “ National Stand For Kids” in Washington D.C. with the group “City Kids”. Experienced by an audience of more than 250,000, for the first time, his concert is also broadcast live on C-span, as well on regular scheduled Nickelodeon, reaching millions of viewers. This concert marks the beginning of Johannes's successful career as a dynamic, musical director and bandleader.

New Orleans, home to the kings of swing and jazz, the infamous Johnny Angel inviting Johannes to direct his expertise in the French Quarter. Performing at “Club Swing Town”, located on Bourbon St., Johannes expertly leads the twelve piece, thirties-style, swing band to a wildly enthusiastic full house every night for over three months. Backed by popular demand, the troupe, under Johannes's superb direction, is solicited and performs in Mardi Gras and Superbowl events.

Back in Copenhagen, the blossoming film scene, headed by Nordisk Films, Zentropa, and the illustrious Lars von Trier, collaborates with Johannes expanding his musical universe to include several animated film pilots

Noted for his skill in delivering a professional product that is in touch with the target market, and the client's budget, Johannes has also been avidly sought by, and scored for, many commercial giants such as: Nike, Coca Cola, M&M Mars, Bridgestone