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Mitchell Long Trio

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Mitchell Long plays a wide variety of music including classic or contemporary Jazz, blues and authentic Brazilian bossa nova, samba and Latin styles. The trio features Mitchell on guitar and singing in English and fluent Portuguese with a bassist and drummer. The music can be tailored to your tastes with the vast talent roster of world-class musicians available. Piano, Saxophone or a female vocalist are added for a quartet, quintet etc. Mitchell is also available as a solo act (playing guitar and singing) Mitchell Long is a truly versatile artist with the image, experience and sound quality to add the live music magic to all types of events. Extensive song lists, bio and complete resume are available at Mitchell's web site and song requests are gladly taken! Many mp3 examples are also available at your request. All your questions and requests are taken with care, professionalism and a true love for providing live music and excellence in the arts.