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Sid Yiddish
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Sid Yiddish is a semi-sweet kosher industrial poet-throat-singing radio broadcasting-Furby spy. He's performed in tight spaces within the USA & Denmark & by web-cast in Norway, plus published poetry & prose in; Tomorrow, Children, Churches & Daddies, Flipside, Si Senor, Satyr, Urban Coaster, Magnetic Poetry-Book Of Poetry,, & From 1986 to 1991, he published the poetry fanzine, Cops Hate Poetry. In the past, he's worked diligently as an oddball actor, teacher, beat reporter & as the Chicago coordinator for the Bathroom Poetry Project. In 2010, he served as President for Chicago Composers Forum. , which he has been a member of since 2007. He also recently tried out as a contestant for America's Got Talent, Season 6. He regularly performs with Adepetive Radiation, Flabby Hoffman Trio, Chicago Scratch Orchestra, Candy Store Henchmen & frequently collaborates with Danish punk band, Clean Boys & has been covered by news media including Time Out Chicago, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, WGN Radio & Yahoo! Sports. This past spring, Sid embarked upon a major tour of Denmark with Clean Boys in support of their collaboration together of the Skype-recorded & produced album, Safari Freakshow Adventure. In his spare time, Sid roots out crazy sounds by throat-singing & playing Shofars to be in harmony with crows & Furbys worldwide. He lives in Evanston, Illinois.

Sid Yiddish's performanace history includess: WGN Radio, The Sunday Papers, Rick Kogan, Host, Chicago, Illinois; Art Or Shit-Internet-Web Series (Lorenzo Ross, Director/Co-Host), Co-Host-2009-present; Objects In Motion Festival (Chicago, Illinois-2009); Punk Rock Night-What The Fuck Was That? Award Nominee-2008;The Green Mill, both as featured performer, 2008/2007 & 1999 National Poetry Slam Chicago team finalist-Chicago, Illinois Chicago Coordinator, Bathroom Poetry Project (2007-2009); The Visitor From Elsewhere-Internet-Web Serial, Joseph Ornelas, Producer (Sid Yiddish as The Visitor) 2007; Conspiracy?-Kecksburg UFO/History Channel-Jason Bolicki, Producer (UFO Eyewitness) 2005; Hilarious Posters-Andy Garland, Director (Bartender) 2005; Tough Times- Jason Pittman, Director (Rabbi Sterling) 2005; Recipient of New Light Studio Poetry Fellowship-Beloit, Wisconsin, 2000; Performance Anxiety Interactive Exhibition, Rirkrit Tiravanija, creator; Dominic Molon, curator (Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago), Illinois-1997

Sid Yiddish's press history includes: Time Out Chicago, From Art To Zine Exhibit, Review, December, 2005; Chicago Reader, Our Town Feature-August 21, 2008; Yahoo! Sports Blog-September 12, 2008; Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine-“Sidewalks” Column, March 15, 2009; Chicago Reader, Objects In Motion Festival Review-March 19, 2009; Huffington Post-March 25, 2009; Veljeposten Ugeavisen Velge-Feature, Velje, Denmark-April 28, 2010 Sid Yiddish's discography includes: Safari Freakshow Adventure (CD/with Clean Boys/Misspelled Records, Austrailia-2010); Spines Spindling Sparingly Some Seconds Still-Adeptive Radiation (2010); Atomic Theory Dance Band-Atomic Theory Dance Band (CD Zelwel-2010); Mi Yodea-Mi Yodea (CD Zelwel-2010); Middle-Aged Mishegas! (CD/PROTEST-2010); Cousin Bones Blues Bum (CD-WH Productions-2010); $2 Cockroach New York Demo (CD/ PROTEST-2009); Holfatzib: My Life With Shomer Negiah (CD/PROTEST-2006); My Wife Is The Universe Caw! Caw! Caw! Caw! (CD/PROTEST-2005); Phoneticathon-(Compilation CD/Sad Penguin Records-2004); Errorwrist: 9 Muses Of Error In Underconstructualism (CD/PROTEST-2004); Drum Poems (Compilation Cassette/WYMBS Productions-1997); Tripped Back Up (Compilation CD, Northwestern University-1998); Birthdeath Demo (CD/ PROTEST-1997)

Here's what's been said about Sid Yiddish:

“You're (Sid Yiddish is) a poetic fool”---Allen Ginsberg, poet

“Sid Yiddish is one of my only living punk-poet mentors”---Wes Heine, singer for Cousin Bones

“Sid Yiddish is one of the most dedicated, prolific writers I know. Sid Yiddish is Chicago's best poet.”-Lew Brickhate, founder Pootly Nautch

“Yahweh has infused Sid Yiddish with the spirit of Allen Ginsberg, the eclecticism of Leonardo DaVinci and the magic of Houdini. You're lucky you stumbled onto him. He's as punk as a GG Allin, but in a different way.”-Mykel Board, columnist Maximum RocknRoll

"Sid Yiddish is a YouTube moment waiting to happen." -Don Evans author

"You (Sid Yiddish) make Andy Kaufman look like Jack Benny." -Rick Kogan, host of The Sunday Papers, WGN Radio

“You (Sid Yiddish) have a weird, weird voice, as if it didn't belong to your body. ”-Alessandro Bosetti, Italian sound artist, on Sid Yiddish's voice

“Sid Yiddish is an outrageous character. He was on our show last week (November 8, 2009) He came in wearing a big yarmulke, striped pants and had a 9,000 foot shofar” I thought it was going to be just a 15 minute show with him. Not so! Sid is a moving instrument.”-Jeff Osias, host, The New Jewish Wake-Up Call (Jewish Internet Radio)

“The festival's true standout is Sid Yiddish's Suite for Furby on Shofar in D Minor, an inspired bit of effrontery. Yiddish presents an arresting figure, and his ad hoc musical composition would make Fluxus provocateur George Maciunas proud.”-Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader theater critic, on Sid Yiddish's performance in the Objects In Motion Festival in Chicago, Spring, 2009

“You are the Hasidic Lone Ranger.” Howie Mandel, judge, America's Got Talent, Season 6