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Louis Durra group
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This is a working group that has performed and recorded mostly as a trio with piano, bass and drums. We have good video presence on youtube As Louis Durra Trio and Arrogant Doormats (same personnel, different musical focus). We have performed three nights a week for a year in competitive Beverly Hills. We have also played the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, the Kremlin, The John Ansen Ford Theater etc. We are able to perform in piano-less venues with keyboards.

Press, Reviews:

OVATION NOMINATION, music director /// LOS ANGELES DRAMA CRITIC'S CIRCLE AWARD NOMINATION, music director /// LA WEEKLY THEATRE AWARD NOMINATION, musical ensemble /// BACKSTAGE GARLAND AWARDS HONORARY MENTION, music director and ensemble (Play It Cool) /// DRAMA-LOGUE AWARD, original score for a play (The Lesson at the Mark Taper Forum) /// SCOTSMAN: 4 stars (Satellites) /// TALKIN' BROADWAY: top 10 cast albums (Play It Cool)

"'How to Pack a Suitcase' is a humorous story, well told. Dave Frishberg or Mose Allison could easily add this tune to their repertoires." -- LA JAZZ SCENE

"Winkler then finds the lighter side of leaving on the retro soul-jazz flavored 'How to Pack a Suitcase'." -- ALLMUSIC.COM

". Durra also delighted in turning offbeat material into jazz such as "Ticket To Ride". He has his own fresh chord voicings, created unpredictable but logical solos, and uplifted such tunes as Earl Zindar's "How My Heart Sings", "Taking A Chance On Love" (in an arrangement originally for tapdancers) and Tomasz Stanko's "Six".

". a beautiful arrangement of my song!" -- HOLLY NEAR

“. The onstage accompaniment is handled quite nicely by pianist Louis Durra." -- VARIETY (Animal Farm)

"The wonderful cast inhales the specialized score and Marvin Tunney's choreography with plush assurance, repeatedly stopping the show, and musical director Louis Durra's Band is splendid. Tart, tuneful and trenchant in unexpected ways. PLAY IT COOL generates sizzling heat and not just for Blue Note devotees" -- LA TIMES CRITIC'S CHOICE (Play It Cool)

“I've had the great pleasure of hearing Louis play on several of my film scores. He is one of the most musical, inventive, sensitive and giving musicians I've ever worked with. He never ceases to surprise, delight, and move me with his approach to the music. His fluid virtuosity transcends any specific style. I only wish I'd known him when I was a performing musician. He would be an inspiration and a blast at any gig! Five stars!” -- MIRIAM CUTLER, film composer

"One of the cleverest jaunts is "Sissies," a charming tribute to Truman Capote. " --ALLMUSIC.COM

“. the combo led by pianist Louis Durra is exemplary.”
-- IN MAGAZINE LA (Cradle Will Rock)

"Say, you've been around the block a few times!" --SUZANNE SOMERS

"Louis Durra's organ and Jerry Kalaf's vibes provide a smooth background for "You Don't Know What Love Is". Durra is equally facile on the piano and provides solid accompaniment for Krebs throughout the session." -- CD BABY (Susan Krebs' Jazz Gardener album)

". That was fantastic! You're a great musician!" -- ED BEGLEY JR.

"On 'Sissies', Winkler tackles the issue of homosexuality with a song that is funny, intelligent and defiant, which pretty much sums up its subject - Truman Capote, who was all that and more. Plus it swings hot!" -- LA JAZZ SCENE

"the swanky jazz cut of "Sissies" cloth. attired with curvaceous saxophone swoops. " -- JAZZREVIEW

". To describe one of my favorite piano players I've had the pleasure of playing with is to say, "Louis Durra, a true innovator". Louis is full of excitement. His original music is always fun and challenging. His desire and interpretation of standards and pop tunes just pulls you into your best playing. Louis is always in a creative mode when I play with him. I'm in for the fact that it can and will go anywhere possible. You know, that's what it's ALL about. One of his great accomplishments, and one my favorite, is backing vocalists. His palate is broad and amazingly colorful. Louis, thanks for the pleasure of playing with you on the new CD 'What We Have'." -- DOMENIC GENOVA, bassist

"We get solid jazz from five fine actor-singers who deliver lyricist Mark Winkler's music in a delightful evening. captivating music, arranged and conducted by Louis Durra. " -– LA WEEKLY “GO!” (Play It Cool)

"The amalgam of swinging jazz ditties, comic numbers and torch songs result in a suberb score, brought to shimmering life courtesy of music director-arranger Louis Durra. Jessica Sheridan is a powerhouse in the focal role. Andrew Pandaleon is a breakout star". –- BACKSTAGE WEST CRITIC'S PICK (Play It Cool)

"The great thing about Louis' playing and composing is that his influences never give him away. He never mops the floor with a ballad or pounds the music into submission when he plays bop, like so many others. He is an elegant, lyrical musician worthy of his own nameplate on the door of Jazz. He has a lot to say, some of it purposely funny, which in itself is very, very rare. If there must be blurb: Ahmad Jamal meets Hank Jones meets Herbie Hancock meets. Harpo Marx." -- MATT ASCHYKYNAZO, guitarist

"Offering perfect accompaniment are the onstage trio of music director-pianist Louis Durra, bassist Big Al Gruskoff and drummer Adam Alesi." -- VARIETY (Play It Cool)

"Standouts here include Louis Durra's piano and Silvia Ryder's backing vocals." -- POP MATTERS (Eric Ander's Not At One)

“. nimble musical accompaniment by Louis Durra, Ian Flanders, Tom Allard and Armando Gutierrez. ”
-- LA WEEKLY (Animal Farm)

"Louis Durra is an exceptional musician and composer. His playing is rich and sensitive and intuitive while still being disciplined and sophisticated. It is an honor to have played with him." -- LILI HAYDN, Violinist/Singer/Songwriter