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Divine Hand String Ensemble

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Monique Canniere, 1st Violin and Vocals; Julie Myers, 2nd Violin; Johnell Lawrence, Viola; Jonathan Salmon, Cello. We offer any combination of solo, duo, trio, or quartet, plus we have built-in vocals, guitar, and/or piano for no extra charge. We also have a 9-piece chamber orchestra available, including theremin, 2 harps, guitar, and glockenspiel. We perform regularly for weddings, as well as public performances at the Kimmel Center, Sellersville Theater, and more. We appear on a Comcast TV special, and have a documentary movie airing on Channel 12, also available soon for purchase and/or download. Our repertoire list includes all standard classical/wedding music, contemporary works, and original compositions. We specialize in classical, tango, pop, jazz, country, and more.