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Jet West

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We are an all original rock/reggae band out of San Diego, CA. We have over 1.5 hours of original music as well as another 1.5 hours of popular cover songs. We have played 45 minute gigs up to 3 hour gigs. We do house parties, venues, weddings, private events, corporate parties and always cater our set list accordingly.

You really get your money's worth as we rock out each performance to the best of our abilities. We can also cater our set to give shout out's or corporate plugs if applicable.

Looking for more then a band? How about "Jet West"? We go 100% all the time and we always play by the rules.

We started in San Diego, CA because of the great weather and good waves. Let us help create a fun vibe at your next event with our stage presence and good music.