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Exquisite is the preeminent party band in Southern California. Combining exceptional musicianship with professionalism, versatility, and fun, we can satisfy all your musical entertainment needs.

Exquisite consists of five veteran musicians: Evelyn Choucalas (lead vocals), Bob Glass (keyboards and vocals), Barry Bookbinder (bass and vocals), Chuksingh (guitar and vocals), and Michael Lo (drums and vocals). Evelyn, Bob, Barry, Chuksingh, and Michael have played music professionally for most of their lives, and they have the skills and experience to bring any style of music to life credibly. Whatever type of music your event requires - cocktail music, soft rock, classic rock, pop, funk, disco, R&B, hip hop - Exquisite will deliver.

Exquisite's vast and diverse song list is yours to control. You have the option to decide what you would like the band to play, or not to play. However, through our many years of experience, we are adept at selecting the right songs at the right time to enthrall your particular guests.

In addition, Exquisite can function as your emcee and keep your event moving smoothly. We will coordinate with your other service providers to make your party a success, and allow you to enjoy the festivities.