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Charles Unger has been a band leader and innovator of new music and sounds in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1970s, starting with the Magic Colors Band. He plays R&B, Jazz and World Beat. His repertoire includes jazz standards, smooth jazz and originals. He formed the first Charles Unger Experience out of the talented Bay Area music scene of the late 1960s when the blend that became Funk transformed many styles to follow. That left Charles with a lasting desire to "Take It To The Top."

Countless jam sessions over the years provided him with a wealth of many artist and musician friends of various disciplines and hundreds of songs that influence the way he approaches life and people. Charles has worked and toured with many of the Bay Area's top performing artists and musicians, literally learning on the spot what works and what doesn't. He has played and opened for major artists, such as Pete Escovedo, Stix Hooper, Louis Madison, Maxine Howard and Richard Howell.

Charles plays Alto, Tenor and Soprano saxophones. That has allowed him to continuously expand his knowledge of different music from around the world, including African and Middle Eastern genres. But having said that. Charles is most adept at his love of Jazz and R&B. Most notably, for his appreciation and understanding of all the Jazz Masters from John Coltrane to Coleman Hawkins, Grover Washington, Kenny Garrett, Lester and Charlie Parker to Diz and Miles Davis.

Tours and recordings in Europe and the Far East have given Charles a deeper understanding of how Jazz music is truly a universal language and can be used to communicate and speak to many cultures around the world. A universal language that be can used to breakdown many barriers that separate us.