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CORNUCOPIA is probably the longest standing provider of social music in the Finger Lakes region of New York state. For wedding ceremonies, and all your social events, we offer string quartet, a trio with keyboard, and two types of duo ensembles. For your dinner/dance there is the Cornucopia Jazz & Latin Band.

The classical musicians are professionals of regional symphony and chamber orchestras, and the jazz musicians are among the most outstanding in the area.

The ensembles are led by Charles McCary, who plays in all the groups on several woodwind instruments: bassoon, clarinet, tenor sax, and flute. He was for six years principal bassoon of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, and is the founder of Ithaca's professional Cayuga Chamber Orchestra.

• STRING QUARTET- Our most popular group for wedding ceremonies and cocktail hour. We usually begin with a 15-minute prelude concert prior to the ceremony, for the seating of your guests. The use of bassoon especially enhances works of Handel, Bach, and other Baroque era composers.

TRIO WITH KEYBOARD (violin, keyboard, and the leader's woodwinds). This group has the widest range of repertoire, from classical to Broadway, Gypsy violin numbers, tango, and a lot of charming "old European hotel music." The keyboard has an array of voices, among which are piano, harpsichord, guitar, brass, marimba, harp, etc.

DUO , in two types: o
Keyboard plus the leader's woodwinds o
Treble/bass duet works, such as violin/cello repertoire, performed with violin and bassoon.
A duo has an economic advantage, and adapts well to small spaces. •
CORNUCOPIA JAZZ & LATIN BAND- Six to seven pieces, including specialist Latin conga drummer if there is to be the heaviest emphasis on Latin numbers. The jazz pieces draw from the Big Band Era repertoire, but also timeless favorites from the 50s to the 80s. Let us know your favorite songs!