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Critical Measures
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Critical Measures is focused on acid jazz laced beats with NOLA inspired grooves. The music can be extremely straight and funky and dirty and experimental. A blend of unique covers and funky originals, their diversitiy shines each time out. You will find Critical Measures playing SF Bay Area venues including Rockit Room SF, Mojito SF, 19 Broadway, Conneticut Yankee SF, Lagunitas Taproom and Beer Sanctuary, 4th St Tavern, and many more. The lineup consists of talented Bay Area musicians Ryan Newman (Groundation) - Bass, Sean England (Uptown Rulers)- Drums, Todd Bugbee (Orbitones) - Guitar

Also in rotation are Cayce Carnahan- Trumpet, Brendan Buss- Sax, Ben Burleigh- Bass, Tim Mckee- Guitar, Alex Garcia- Sax

"Critical Measures plays an exhilarating blend of world party music infused with a one-two punch of vivacious modern jazz and scorching blues. The group starts off with a tight 4/4 beat, a sultry riff, and a bouncy bass groove and then proceeds to steer their funkadelic starship into warp drive, nimbly traversing across galaxies of highly danceable and head-nodding goodness. "

- Allen Amundsen, Eureka Times-Standard (Jun 04, 2009)