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Groove Kitty band
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Groove Kitty is an all live band bringing you favorite covers from the 80's 90's and now. Dance Rock with an edge! We play radio favorites from pop, alternative, hair metal, standards, and new hits. We'll have you dancing, groovin and having fun. Kitsch favorites from Journey, Mamma Mia, and Rocky Horror Picture Show have become a signature addition to the extensive Groove Kitty set lists.

With an extensive playlist, our sets are created just for your event. Check out our website for general information, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We'll connect within 24 hours. Groove Kitty is ready to help your event, party or show be a success, providing the energy- musicianship and unstoppable beat of a bass groove and rock edge. Let's play!

Groove Kitty is a fun, professional and high energy band for your next event! Dance Rock of the 80's 90's and NOW with favorite hits and kitsch from all generations. Vetted musicians with a deep set list to reach into and cater to your patrons or party goers through 2-6 sets/ 1-6 hours of fun. Groove Kitty can bring a complete PA and tech gear and tech- and DJ track inbetween sets/ make announcements and surpport your event or project as requested.

References from events, clubs, venue's, weddings, and corporate events available on request!