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New Standards
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It's time for New Standards. The songs you love to dance to, the songs you want to hear. Drawing on our vast experience, you can have the classic party favorites, the eclectic, and the delightfully surprising, custom blended in a perfect mix for your event.

These three video segments will show you 5 multi-talented performers who've been playing together since they were kids. Five musicians. Three lead singers. Sax and flute. The equivalent of a 10 piece band in a quintet, providing far more diversity and musical power than you could imagine.

The first video features the quintet playing a high energy, 6 1/2 minute, 11 song medley of current Top 40 songs.

The second video features the quintet playing music from the 1940's to Top 40.

The third video features the same performers, broken down into quartet, trio, duo and solo performances, consistently delivering a big sound in a compact package:

Songs 1 & 2: Quartet: 4 piece rhythm section, no sax
Song 3: Quartet: 3 piece rhythm section with keyboard bass & sax
Songs 4 & 5: Trio: dance music
Song 6 & 7: Trio: light background music
Song 8: Duo: keyboard & flute
Song 9: Duo: guitar & keyboard
Song 10 & 11: Solo performers

For larger events, the band can be expanded to include horn and string sections, percussionists and interactive performers. More extensive videos are available.