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Roaring River Band
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With roots dating back several years, this band, while still young, has grown into something amazing. Born from humble beginnings, the founders of Roaring River Big Band began jamming together after meeting in a collegiate music class. Their passion for music, and love for great Jazz, Blues, Bop, Swing, and more, has grown into a professional career.

After several instrumental state champions, three musical doctorate students, and an entire horn section joined the passionate quartet, a big band was formed that remains unparalleled in the Northwest. Their passion for music is boisterously conveyed to even the most musically naive of audience members through the universal tongue of rhythm and soul. Every last person in the audience leaves feeling invigorated, even if they can't exactly put their finger on why.

Excited to play at venues requiring the minimalist jazz combo of 3-4 players, or large auditoriums requiring all 14 members, these players are happy to meet the needs of any and all occasions.