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Mariachi Estrella De Mexico
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Mariachi Estrella de Mexico was founded in 2005 by a group of nine, musically talented, young people. Mariachi Estrella de Mexico proudly represents the city where they were born, Wenatchee, which is cradle of the Mariachi music in the state of Washington.

Born in this country, the members of this group feel a deep love and respect for their Mexican roots, and a deep pride by sharing their music in all the corners of the state of Washington and outside the state. All the members of the group are bilingual and bicultural. The average of age of the group is of 20 years. All the members of the group continue their professional careers aside from music.

The most important value of the group is the excellent human quality of all its members, since they come playing together for more than 10 years and continue coming together and helping each other like a family. The dreams of this young group for the future are big, inspired by groups like: Mariachi Vargas, Mariachi Sol de México, Los Camperos, Mariachi América, Mariachi Internacional de México y Mariachi la Voz de México, with which they grew receiving their instructions.