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Steve Wexler and The Top Shelf

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What do John Lennon's keyboard player, Carly Simon's guitar player, Audra McDonald's drummer, and The Tonight Show Orchestra's saxophone player all have in common?

They are all members of Steve Wexler and the Top Shelf.

The band is powered by original arrangements for a four-piece horn section whose members have performed with The Temptations, The Fifth Dimension, and The Tonight Show Orchestra. These people have chops and groove.

And the horns are backed by a virtuoso rhythm section whose members have performed with John Lennon, Al Green, Audra McDonald, Jackson Browne, Carly Simon, Larry Harlow, Maria Schneider, and Bruce Springsteen. These people will get you moving, guaranteed.

And the singers? Broadway, B.B. King's, and Apollo Theater veterans.

Combine the band members with material and arrangements that you can't hear anyplace else and you have a result that is truly top shelf.