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Ambush Party

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We are a four piece rock band with a predilection for funk and an energetic drive that'll move even the most stalwart recluse onto the dance floor. We can perform anywhere from fully amplified to completely acoustic and our sets are usually comprised of original songs with a few covers, We seem to appeal to a relatively large demographic, our music sometimes harkens back to the roots of rock and roll, but also pushes forward to meld into what we hope is a truly memorable musical experience.

We have been playing around Oregon since November of 2009, mostly along I5 from Eugene to Portland. We have played at large festivals, namely May Day and Burnt Woodstock. We have also performed at a wedding where the couple were fans, not previous friends, and a fund raiser to help get the Whiteside Theater (in Corvallis) open once again!

We have a loyal following in Corvallis and Portland and we are continuing to enlarge our fan base through relentless promotion of all of our shows. We placed third in Oregon State's Battle of the Bands in 2011, the first year we participated, and we are currently ranked second on ReverbNations Band Equity Charts in Corvallis. We have had our performances and our debut album reviewed by the Alchemist and the Entertainer, all of which can be found online.

We truly enjoy performing, and we believe that attitude translates into a memorable and fun experience for our audience. We play music because we love to play music.