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Holiday Helper Michelle
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Most of my experience has been with haunted houses, but I can quickly go from naughty to nice as far as acting style is concerned. I have a bit of experience of the holiday face painting sort and am about to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts from school, so have plenty of experience with paints and glitter, among other things. I have practically infinite patience and can deal with crowds, kids, and crowds of kids with a smile on my face. I am punctual and reliable and can bring the frights/smiles/many other reactions right on time. I specialize in character acting and have played various roles over the years including but not limited to: a punch witch, a turtle, a squeaky slug, a crab-mother puppeteer, a devil, a mummy, and many others. I am interested in being an elf this holiday season and feel that my look and attitude would be very fitting in an elf costume. I hope to hear back soon!