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Doc Miller's Salt City Saints

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'Doc' Miller's Salt City Saints play authentic old-time New Orleans jazz from around the turn of the century. Inspired by the sound of the Bunk Johnson-George Lewis band, 'Doc' Miller organized the Saints in 1963 after having played traditional jazz since 1950. 'Doc' Miller, who was invited to sit-in two nights at Preservation Hall in New Orleans in 1991, is also a prize winning arranger who won Intercollegiate jazz festival arranger/composer awards three consecutive years in the 1960s. He has scored traditional jazz world premiers and performed with Utah Symphony, Colorado Springs Symphony and Salt Lake Symphony. The Salt City Saints have performed at the famed Days of '47 Parade viewed by millions on TV, the Provo Freedom Festival, the Utah Arts Festival, Park City Arts Festival, Park City Jazz Festival, University of Utah and BYU on many occasions, in dozens of schools and hundreds of other venues throughout Utah and in neighboring states. With a sound older and often more vibrant than the modern Dixieland groups, 'Doc' Miller's singing clarinet and several French renditions of traditional vocals makes this group a fun, exciting and educational experience not to be forgotten.