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Ahmad. is a talented guitarist and has a magnetic stage presence that could attract a fourteen year old girl and an 85 year old man equally. Stephanie Shira, Babble and Beat Magazine

A.H.M.A.D is a San Francisco Rock Band that has generated much excitement since their formation!

A.H.M.A.D. latest EP tunes has generated much interest since they've been performed and distributed! After performing these tunes continually around the Bay Area and the West Coast the band decided to release the EP and to continue promoting it with a series of past and scheduled shows all around the area (KIMO's, Red Devil Lounge, Rockit Room, Hotel Utah). Since its release the EP has sold out at shows.

The band is currently residing in San Francisco and their sounds are greatly influenced by classic and mainstream rock great sounds such as Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, & Dokken. Although it differs than its predecessors with being instrumental, it is yet very melodic and still captures the spirit of Rock ‘n' Roll that these band immortalized!