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Silly Grams
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Silly Grams does 50 different characters from celebs to holiday characters. Singing telegrams and more. Check out the pictures and let me know what you want including
Elvis, Austin Powers, Howard, Stern, Vice Prez Dick Cheney, Ozzy Osborn, Rodney Dangerfield, Valentine Cupid, Pink or Black Gorilla, Silly Chicken, Officer A. Rest, Melvin the Nerd, Birthday Fairy, Baby Nutso, Grim Reaper, Hillbilly Klem, Nurse Nancy, Wacky Doctor, Tuxedo Guy, Hooters Girl, Cowboy Bob, Homeless Guy, Disco Danny, Drag Queen, Grandpa Louie, Biker Bob, Baby &, Stork, Drunko the Clown, Indian Chief, Hula Boy, Silly SuperMan, Mardi Gras King, Construction Worker, Court Jester, Father Time, Tom Turkey, Easter Bunny, Myron the Elf, Good Santa, Wacky Characters, Holiday Entertainment, Giant Heart-On, Father Guido Sarducci, Frank Sinatra, CarMAN Miranda, Cowboy Riding a Bull, Cardinal Bishop, Lounge Singer, Wacky Pirate, Hasidic Rabbi, Green M&M, Borat, Celebrity Impersonations, Harry the Hippy, Bad Santa, Kosher Claus