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Greg Bennick - Comedy Juggler
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It is the night of your event. Attendees have come from all over the country. They arrive at the hotel, step out of the elevator on their way to the room, and are greeted by. ..a registration table? Uh. That doesn't quite say "Welcome to the event!" Try again.

Your guests step out of the elevator. They walk to the banquet room, and right outside the room, they see. ..a coat rack? Hmm. Time to rethink this situation.

Time and time again, the positive impact of a meet-and-greet entertainer has been proven to be a huge addition to any special event. What if your guests were greeted on their way into your banquet or special event by an exciting visual entertainer who greeted them, showed them a trick or two to put a smile on their face, shared a quick joke, and welcomed them to the event?

On foot or on one wheel, face to face, and interactive, Greg Bennick will add atmosphere to your event from above: high flying juggling clubs soaring throughout the air, a tuxedo-clad accent for your black-tie affair, a unicyclist roaming amid the convention center. These are just a few ways you can utilize Greg Bennick's many talents.

Greg can incorporate stage shows along with strolling for a full evening of entertainment. Want to see Greg in action with his strolling performances? You can see him strolling the Microsoft campus in the award winning PBS documentary about the rise of Microsoft entitled "Triumph of the Nerds" which continues to air on television worldwide!


The perfect speaker is hard to find. You need someone who will capture the attention of your audience, offer a dynamic presentation, and who will entertain as well as communicate.

Greg Bennick has presented before companies, colleges, and other audiences worldwide, and is exactly what you are looking for a keynote, kickoff, or banquet presenter. Greg works with you to maximize the impact of your event.

Greg's message is powerful and direct: connect with your potential. Far too many people miss their entire lives waiting for opportunities that never arrive. They get lost in life without challenging themselves and without ever asking honestly what it is that would make their lives valuable and meaningful. Greg cuts to the core of these questions and with an entertaining style, leaves audience members inspired, entertained, and amazed. This message can be customized to specific goals and initiatives. With other speaking topics that include 'The Dynamics of the Team: Working Together as One", and 'The Power of Diversity', Greg offers something for everyone. Corporate clients have been overjoyed at what an excellent speaker has brought to their sessions. Combining over twenty years of experience as an entertainer with a thorough knowledge of the marketplace, Greg Bennick makes every event smooth running, focused, and successful. By m

eeting with clients in advance either in person or over the phone, Greg ensures that he has a thorough knowledge of the intent of the event, and then custom tailors material suitable to each client. Bank of America called on Greg to perform as emcee at promotional events in the 4000-7000 attendance range in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Honolulu, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix and over twenty other cities across the west coast . If y

ou want the perfect professional touch added to your event and assurance that the entire presentation will go as planned, look no further than Greg Bennick. Call today to reserve dates or to arrange a pre-planning meeting.