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Coming from northern and southern California with a transplant from the east coast, Cloaking Device has a cool sensibility not unfamiliar to the west coast. Stemming from a love of jazz standards this trio plays a blend of jazz and funk, this allows the group to fulfill a variety of roles such as cocktail music, wedding receptions & ceremonies and of course parties. Ian, a strummer, picker, grinner, guitarist from the near north of California has been playing music his whole life. Ben "tick tock" Brown, with the intense training of drum core in his past, has a little swagger in his step and keeps things in the pocket. Tony, squinting in the light of all this California sun, began bridging the east/west coast gap when he moved west from Brooklyn searching for a place to expose his left hand bass and smooth right on keys. Up, down left, right, hire Cloaking Device for your event and treat your ears right!