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Crotty Corman and Phipps

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Ron Crotty was Dave Brubeck's original bass player, and is still playing up a storm. Frank Phipps plays valve trombone in a melodic style, think Chet Baker down an octave. Tony Corman rounds out the trio on guitar. We're a small-footprint, low volume trio, great in social settings. We've played numerous venues in the Bay Area, and we want to play your event!

Guitarist Tony Corman leads a trio with Ron Crotty on bass and Frank Phipps on bass trumpet. There are no drums or piano and they aren't missed. This is an elegant combo that would serve well in the background or foreground for a sophisticated gathering. They play nine popular standards and two originals, Corman's "Rosa Rugosa" and "Ron's Muse" by Phipps. Highlights are "How Deep Is The Ocean" and "But Beautiful." Frank's melodies are warm and brassy, sweeter than a trombone but with more guys than a standard trumpet. This is great listening music!

Bassist Ron Crotty was a member of popular pianist Dave Brubeck's earlier groups, including both a trio and a quartet. Born in San Francisco, Crotty is often associated with jazz happenings in the hilly city. One of the most famous independent recording labels from San Francisco, Fantasy, made an album of Crotty's own trio a reality and called the LP Modern Music from San Francisco. Tracks from this session, featuring the participation of Latin jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi, also made it onto a Fantasy compilation entitled The Jazz Scene: San Francisco. Since 2004, Crotty worked a series at the Oakland Museum with a shifting cast of pianists, including the ecstatic Bliss Rodriguez.

Frank Phipps plays a variety of tenor-range valved instruments, including euphonium and bass trumpet. He's recorded with Larry Baskett and was playing jazz in Norway in the 60s with Jan Garbarek and visiting American greats. He's a wonderful, melodic, swinging improvisor.