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Barry Martin is a professional didgeridoo player and teacher in Los Angeles, CA. He has 16 years of experience performing didgeridoo in film, television, stage, and recording studio production. Also available for corporate and private events.

Recent work includes two national commercials for Outback Steakhouse, appearances on NBC's "The Doctors", "Good Morning America", "My Name is Earl", "Blind Date", and a national commercial for Suburu Outback. Corporate events include Apple, Inc., Qantas airlines, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks SKG, Walt Disney (Imagineering), and Proctor & Gamble.

In addition to recording and film work, Barry can play didgeridoo solo-style in an ambient/atmospheric scenario with or without amplification. You may also choose to have an ensemble with didgeridoo, hand drums, guitar, etc.

When playing solo/ambient style, Barry brings along several didgeridoos that are displayed on a special rack. It's an impressive set-up, but it only requires a small footprint of about 6 square feet, which includes space for Barry to perform in.

Ambient-style also means that Barry can interact with the audience one-on-one, answering myriad questions about the ancient instrument as well as offering a quick, impromptu "lesson" for whomever wants a chance to try out playing a didgeridoo! This is always a big hit as heaps of kids and adults always want to give it a go.