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Malou Toler and D Friends Of Mine Band
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Malou Toler had been performing all over Los Angeles area. We had performed in concerts, expo's, corporate parties, House of Blues, Viper Room,Key Club and had performed at the private parties of Alexander Witt. He is the Director of Photography for the movie, Casino Royale. Malou Toler is the vocalist,guitarist and the leader of the band. Composed of five members, they repertoires are from Country, Top 40"s, Acoustic rock, disco, boogie, chacha and rock n roll. She also had her first debut albu, called the Spark of Life.

Malou Toler performs and enjoys doing a stand up comedian and she is known for that in the Filipino market.

Malou Toler can also sing in Japanese, Thai, Tagalog, Spanish and Malay. She had travelled all over Asia and Saudi Arabia. She worked for the Hyatt Internation for five years, the reason why she is here in the US. She had performed at the Hyatt Waikiki for 14 months as a solo Folk singer.