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We are four Studio musicians who have been on the Casino Circuit several years in Various bands performing almost all Genres; Country, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, Disco, Funk, Heavy Metal. Mantra however excels in Latin grooves; Salsa, Samba, flamenco, so we decided to perform the hits of Santana.

We found that there is an ever growing demographic of Latin music lovers invading Washington State every day. When we first started performing the music of Santana, we thought it would catch on slowly, and that a rapidly expanding Hispanic community would adopt us. To our surprise we found out we packed the Clubs and Casinos from the very inception. The demographics are surprisingly equally mixed; twenty five year olds to the retired Hippies, local grown people and a mix of Latinos. However in Eastern Washington the Latinos outnumber the locals typically.

We also found our local following is growing rapidly with Salsa Dancers. Maybe it's due to the Zoomba dance craze or all the Salsa club dancers tired of the DJ seen and want a live feel, or like the rest of the world they just simply love to dance to the music of Santana. Whatever the reason it equates to Customer retention, customers stay to the very end of the concerts and eagerly await our next performance.

Mantra prides itself on details; Stevie Rosario guitar virtuoso has spent years perfecting the essence of Carlos Santana's guitar solos down to using the exact guitars and equipment from the 60's to present day. Stevie strikes a great resemblance to Carlos Santana (See photos) which adds to the realism of the Santana tribute.

Mantra tailors to every event by using our four core musicians and sequencing. This not only lowers the cost(s), logistically it helps when a venue has a small stage as well.

When costs and stage area are acceptable, Mantra has a list of special guest performers to make a great experience even better; adding additional lead vocals (male/female), keyboards and percussion.

So if you're looking for an Rock Band, Latin percussion, jazz band, Salsa dance Band, then look no further because Mantra has it all, try something new for your next venue, see what the buzz is all about you will be pleased with you choice.